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Lawrence (Lee) L Golusinski Jr, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to anticipate questions you might have about Dr. Golusinski's transition to Piedmont Healthcare and provide the answers here. 


Why is Dr. Golusinski closing his practice and joining Piedmont Healthcare.

In today's medical environment, managing a solo practice was becoming more and more difficult.  Rather than simply closing the practice, a mutually beneficial option was sought that would allow Dr. Golusinski to serve the majority of his current patients.  Piedmont Healthcare is a healthcare system with which Dr. Golusinski has shared the care of many of his patients.  They were willing to have Dr. Golusinski join them at a practice in relatively close proximity so that as many patients as are interested may continue to see Dr. Golusinski as their family physician.


What about Antrice?

2/28/2020 Update:  Antrice has been offered and accepted a part-time position at Piedmont Physicians at Midtown (same office as Dr. G) while still exploring permanent full-time position job offerings.  

Here is a link to Antrice's Linkedin profile.  Click here.

Click here for a copy of Antrice's resume.


I already have future appointments scheduled, what do I do?

For patients who returned a release of information, appointments already "on the books" were transferred to the Piedmont appointment schedule.  If no release of information was received by 3/20/2020, future appointments were cancelled and you will need to call 404-253-3660 to reschdule.

Once Dr. Golusinski starts seeing patients at the Piedmont Midtown, there may be some limit on appointments as he learns a new computer system.  We may need to call you to make some adjustments in the schedule as we work through this transition

UPDATE 4/3/2020:

IMPORTANT COVID NOTE:  Due to the COVID19 virus, Piedmont Primary Care offices are consolidating to help decrease risk of COVID19 transmission among patients and staff.  Most visits will be converted to telemedicine visits.  For those patients who MUST be seen due to the type of problem or visit, appointments will be scheduled at a limited number of office sites where the flow of patients and appropriate protective measures can be optimized to decrease risk.  Physicians will be rotated through these sites to see any patients who need an in-person visit.  The site closest to the Midtown location will be at Atlantic Station.  Please be patient with everyone as this is a new process during this health crisis.


How do I fill out a transfer of records form?

Forms were sent in the patient notification letter that active patients should have received on or about December 26, 2020.


You can get a copy the form to transfer your records to Piedmont at Midtown here.


You can get a blank form to transfer your records to a physician of your choice here.

Forms must be completely filled out and returned to either or faxed to (404) 719-5325.


Where is Piedmont Physicians at Midtown located?

Piedmont Physicians at Midtown is located at 1080 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 12, Atlanta, GA 30309.  This building is also known as "1010 Peachtree," the address for the condominiums in the building.  It is also the building where Sugar Factory, Panera Bread, Bank of America Midtown are located on the Peachtree Street side and RA Sushi, The Federal and Ri Ra Irish Pub are located on the Crescent Avenue side.  The main entrance is off Peachtree but the parking entrance is off Crescent Avenue.

See here for map and directions.


What is the phone number for Piedmont Physicians at Midtown?

The phone number is (404) 253-3660. 


What insurances will Dr. Golusinski be taking at Piedmont?

Piedmont accepts most major insurances and most of the same insurances that Dr. Golusinski has been accepting.  

Two notable differences:

Piedmont does not accept the BlueCross/BlueShield/Anthem Pathway products obtained through the Exchange (Affordable Care Act products).  They have traditionally accepted AmBetter off the Exchange.  Piedmont does work with patients to try to work out payment options when not using insurance.

Piedmont does accept Aetna, but patients who are insured on Aetna through Emory as an employer may be subject to higher copays as this would be at a higher tier.  If you are ensured on Aetna through Emory, please click here.

As always, please check your benefits and insurance as these things change frequently.

For a list of insurances that are planned to be accepted at the new location, click here.

If you have an insurance that is an HMO, POS or Tricare Prime where Dr. Golusinski is your designated/named primary care physician (his name is on your card), after March 30th you will need to reselect Dr. Golusinski at the new location.  You can use the Piedmont tax ID:  58-2092768, to help select Dr. Golusinski at the Piedmont location.


What are advantages for patients in this change?

Patients will enjoy the following benefits of seeing Dr. Golusinski at this new location:

>resources of an excellent medical group

>free two hour validated parking

>acceptance of credit cards

>in-office lab draws

>easy access to the Midtown Marta station

>extended hours

>online scheduling

>great food options nearby for after those fasting appointments

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